Steven launched Janie’s fund in 2015 in partnership with youth villages – themed after Aerosmith’s 1989 hit track “Janie’s Got a Gun.” the mission is to provide help and healing for the nation’s most abused and neglected girls… And their after care once they reach 18 yrs old and are no longer eligible for foster care. He has raised over $5 million for the organization since then. He also opened the first ever janie’s house, established in 2017 in Atlanta. It is the first treatment center of its kind on an existing youth villages campus for victims of abuse and neglect, with space for 30 live-in girls and 24-hour medical facilities. His first ever Janie’s fund gala to celebrate the Grammy’s was held in Jan 2018, and was wildly successful raising $2.4 million. The next event is slated in la for Grammy night 2019.

“It’s been a long road since Janie’s got a gun… I’m proud to say Janie’s got a fund,” Tyler. “You can reach the heights of your passion, go all across the entire world and meet people from all walks of life, but the look on these girls’ faces when they know that they’ve found their safe haven, especially after being put through the pain of abuse and neglect. Now, they’re being taken care of by the best of the best in experiential therapy and 24/7 caregiving.”