Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ricky martin began his career at age 12 with the all-boy pop group Menudo. Ricky’s hit single “Livin’ la Vida Loca” is generally seen as the song that began the Latin pop explosion of 1999. His self titled, first English-language album, has sold 22 million copies and is one of the best selling albums of all time.

In 2002, he witnessed the second most lucrative crime in the world, when he rescued three girls that were about to be sold into prostitution in India. When he returned from the trip, in his capacity as a Unicef goodwill ambassador, he met with activists and determined that his fight would be anchored in education in order to prevent this heinous crime.

The Ricky Martin Foundation was launched in 2004 and has been a leading voice in denouncing and exposing human trafficking globally ever since. It has also successfully set precedents with research, educational initiatives, presence in international forums, and influence in public policy. Ricky’s philanthropic and advocacy work has helped change laws, rescue victims and charge perpetrators for almost 15 years.